Otolith Aging & Morphology Analysis

With a few simple steps, Image-Pro’s Otolith APPs will guide the user through the detection, measurement, and editing of otolith and scale growth lines. The annotated growth marks may be saved for documentation and the corresponding data may be included with an image analysis report or exported to Excel.

Otolith Morphology

Image-Pro’s image processing and analysis capabilities, including Smart Segmentation and Fourier Descriptor, make it easy to accurately measure and quantify gross anatomic features of aquatic species. Image-Pro’s ability to acquire and organize large data sets enables scientists to conduct multi-year and multi-studies.

Egg and Larvae Counting with Morphological Analysis

Based on an intuitive step-by-step workflow, Image-Pro allows the user to find, measure, and classify fish eggs. Once the workflow has been developed, it may saved and recalled for future analysis sessions to both save time and ensure consistent experimental analysis.