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Cell Biology
Plant Biology
Cell Biology

Cell Counting (Cellular Biology)

In many instances, cell counting is very straight forward and is an easily accomplished task when the cells are well labeled.

In other cases, cells may have a wide range of intensities making it difficult to properly segment cells or other fluorescently labeled markers. Instead of spending time developing sophisticated image processing protocols, we use machine learning based Smart Segmentation to quickly and accurately define and measure the cells.

The analysis of Scratch Assays are supported directly within Image-Pro by using the included Wound Healing App to measure time-lapse data.

Follow the simple step by step workflow, time-lapse data for a single well or multiple wells may be efficiently analyzed and reported. Images with the scratch overlay may also be saved for documentation of the analysis.

Cells, nematodes, or water fleas movements can easily be tracked and displayed using Motion Tracking. Due multiple possible directions, velocity and acceleration of the cells or organisms motion tracking experiment may be difficult to analyze.

Using the built in Learning Wizard, the image analysis tracking parameters can be quickly determined taking the guess work out to the experimental set up.

3D Colocalization

Image-Pro 3D Colocalization provides a full suite of analytical parameters and coefficients to measure colocalization. When required, a Volume of Interest (VOI) can be used to restrict the area where the colocalization will be measured within the volume. Colocalization analysis on a per cell basis may also be measured if the correctly markers are includes as one of the fluorescent channels.


Angiogenesis (Oncology)

The investigation of new drugs and their related angiogenesis properties may be evaluated using workflows developed within Image-Pro.

The workflows may then be employed to quickly an individual angiogenesis image analysis or to batch process multiple images from an experiment.


3D Cell Culture Analysis (Neuroscience)

The optional 3D Module allows you to greatly expand the capability of Image-Pro by adding 3D volume rendering and analysis capability. Simply load your multichannel z-stack image file and create the 3D volumes of cells. The 3D cell culture can then be analyzed using a range of measurement parameters. This module helps in 3d cell culture analysis and Neuroscience image processing.

Once the cells have been rendered, a full movie making suite is included within the 3D module to create exceptional movies using key frame animations.



Live image of nymph Gomphurus (left) and EDF image (right). Images provided by Ethan Bright, University of Michigan.

The scientific study of insects provides a challenge when imaging insect structure in detail. By adding the Capture Module and Live Extended Depth of Field capabilities to your Image-Pro configuration, you can capture detailed, in-focus images successfully and efficiently.

When capturing large, out of depth of field images, Image-Pro offers the additional benefit of not requiring a motorized z-stepper.

Plant Biology

Plant Disease Recognition

Plant disease using image processing and its’ study, are important in both agriculture and forestry. Disease areas can be readily analyzed using Smart Segmentation.

The percentage of areas infected can be quickly generated and reported to an Excel data table or analysis report.


Dental Applications

Dental Medicine is involved in the study, diagnosis, treatment, disorders, etc., where dental image analysis and processing is relevant.

Dentists and researchers worldwide have been constantly using the tools implemented by Asia Imaging for dental diseases image processing, image analysis in orthodontics, implantology, oral surgery, 3D dental imaging.

Suggested Product Configuration

The combination of Image-Pro with the Capture and/or 3D Module

Document a sample, easily analyze and measure objects of interest. If the sample extends beyond the field of view, simply activate dynamic tiling and EDF to automatically capture, tile, and generate the Extended Focus image, all by moving the sample without the need for automation. Easily analyze your images, save them as protocols and generate custom reports, while implementing the audit function for additional checks to ensure you maintain the highest level of quality in your lab.


Analysis Software

Incorporating more than 35 years of experience analyzing images, Image-Pro (IP) provides intuitive tools to make it easy to capture, process, measure, analyze, and share your images and valuable data.


Increase the dimensionality of your analysis into multiple planes with the Image-Pro 3D Module. Added to the Image-Pro platform, the 3D module allows for expanded analysis and visualization to multiple dimensions.

2D Image
Capture Module

From simple documentation to complex capture to Dynamic tiling and Extended Depth of Focus, the Image-Pro Capture Module offers the solution and hardware support you need to seamlessly capture your images